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Colleen L. Dempsey
Tel 416.571.3240 


Ontario, 2000


LL.B, Queen’s University at Kingston, Faculty of Law

BA (Hons), Queen’s University at Kingston, Faculty of Arts & Science

Certificate in
Advanced Mediation of Complex Disputes, Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation

Certificate in Mediating Disputes
, Harvard Law School, Program of Negotiation

Certificate in Negotiation & LeadershipHarvard Law School, Program on Negotiation

Certificate in Commercial Mediation
, New York State Bar Association

Certificate in Comprehensive Commercial Arbitration, New York State Bar Association

Certificate in Applied Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Certificate in
Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Certificate in
Alternative Dispute ResolutionUniversity of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Executive Certificate in
Conflict ManagementUniversity of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Certificate in
NegotiationUniversity of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Certificate in
Dealing with Difficult PeopleUniversity of Windsor, Faculty of Law


Certificate in Difficult ConversationsUniversity of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Certificate in
Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards & Tribunals, Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) and Osgoode Professional Development

Certificate in
Effective Decision Writing, Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) and Osgoode Professional Development


The Law Society of Ontario

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The Advocatesʼ Society

ADR Institute of Ontario

DR Institute of Canada

Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center


Jurismediation – International Mediation Network (Panel Member)

Colleen is a trained mediator and adjudicator.  She completed intensive, advanced mediation and negotiation training with leading mediators and negotiators at Harvard Law School (Program on Negotiation), as well as completing advanced mediation training through the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.  Colleen also completed intensive and advanced adjudication and decision-writing experience with the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators, and spent 14 years as a Vice-Chair adjudicating more than 200 appeals.  Colleen has served as a member-at-large, Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair of the The Advocates’ Society Arbitration and Mediation Practice Group. 

Colleen combines her experience as a lawyer, General Counsel, adjudicator and professor to provide principled alternative dispute resolution services with a keen awareness of the need for effective and efficient services that are alive to civility, efficacy and fiscally minded settlement agreements.  She has excellent ‘horse trading’ skills and an eye for the commercially reasonable.  Colleen is willing to ask reality-testing questions that both challenge and engage all parties. 

In 2001, Colleen became General Counsel to a publicly reporting, multinational, software corporation and its New York and Australian subsidiaries.  During her tenure as General Counsel, Colleen negotiated agreements with investment banks, brokerage houses, private equity firms, telecommunications providers, wireless technology developers, insurance companies, service providers and other software firms.  In this capacity, Colleen also provided corporate commercial, litigation and employment law counsel. Colleen continued as Canadian General Counsel after acquisition by Sanchez Computer Associates.  As General Counsel, Colleen also handled, either personally or in conjunction with external counsel, the firm’s litigation needs.  She litigated commercial, intellectual property and employment disputes and negotiated settlement agreements where appropriate.  After the firm was acquired by Fidelity National Financial (Fortune 500), Colleen was engaged as Transitional Counsel to facilitate the transmission of institutional knowledge. acquisition.  Following this engagement, Colleen provided pro bono legal counsel to various Toronto communities. 

In 2005, Colleen was appointed to sit as a Vice-Chair on one of Ontario’s administrative appeals Tribunals.  Colleen adjudicated appeals ranging from simple to complex matters and rendered more than 200 written decisions as a sitting Vice-Chair on one of the province’s most respected appeals tribunals.  She adjudicated hearings that ranged from half a day to thirteen days, and has extensive experience with contested hearings, working with multiple parties, receiving and assessing evidence from multiple witnesses, and dealing with counsel, self-represented parties and testimony through interpreters. Colleen’s appointment was renewed twice and in 2019 she elected not to seek reappointment.  Colleen represented corporations, individuals and large groups.   She appeared pro hac vice for matters heard in New York State and Texas and as counsel in American arbitration.


  • Provides ADR Services – Mediation, Arbitration, Neutral Evaluation & Facilitation.  Colleen has expertise in corporate/commercial disputes, as well as technology, IT/IP, medical and employment law disputes.  Experience in cross-cultural, university code of conduct and construction disputes.
  • Is an Adjunct Associate Professor, Queen’s University at Kingston, Faculty of Law and teaches Workplace Law.
  • Is an external consultant/Returning Officer to Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and is responsible for conducting neutral, transparent and fair Board of Governors elections and referenda, as well as investigating and adjudicating complaints related thereto. Instituted policy changes to enhance existing EDI principles. 
  • Provides advice to a group of companies, both domestic and international members, on employment law matters, including employment agreements, just cause, wrongful dismissal, and human rights.

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